The system of measurements we use today insures that the components from various manufactures can be produced in factories thousands of miles apart, yet still be assembled into working devices. This system relies on the acceptance of primary standards such as the feet and meter and use of these standards by all who wish to share components.


This Measurements Workshop presents measuring tools used in manufacturing today and describes their proper use and level of accuracy. This practical program features a series of hands-on measurement workshops where standard component dimensions will be measured with various tools (including steel rules, micrometers, vernier calipers, dial indicators, squares, protractors, height gauges , etc)



You will Learn About

•Measurement the Language of Precision

•Measuring with Basic Graduated Instruments

•Angle Measuring Instruments

•Common Comparison Instruments

•Fixed Size Gages

•Surface Plates and Gages

•Comparators and Indicating Gages


Who should attend

Machine operators, quality control inspectors, shop supervisors, metalworking manufacturing personnel, engineering managers, and other manufacturing persons interested in learning to read manufacturing prints or updating their knowledge in this area


Measurement skills are an important tool in todays industry.

The proper use of handheld measuring instruments and the ability to use optical comparators and vision systems can be a great benefit to anyone in the manufacturing industry