Small classes provide everyone an opportunity for "hands-on" experience. Real world models are used for instruction allowing individuals to focus on skill application. Over 20 unique courses to bring your employees up to speed in the latest technologies such as, frequency, acoustics, accelerometers, currents, pressure, vibration, digital signals and even earthquake and structural dynamics.

Management and Training

NEWT has been offering training programs for the workplace for many years. We offer hands-on computer, video and audio based seminars, as well as, books and self-study programs. Our training programs cover the full spectrum of organizational development, human resource and management training topics. We also offer comprehensive programs on customer service, sales, safety and more. We want to be your training source!



The hospitality industry is a major employer throughout the world. However, despite the wide variety of jobs available, the lack of formal training is a major concern. As the hospitality industry continues to grow, there is a continual need for training of staff and managers specifically. NEWT designs and delivers courses in hospitality management that will firmly establish the foundations of a long and dynamic career.

Manufacturing Skills

Solid technological theory and practice Hands-on training that puts what you learn in the classroom into practice. We teach manufacturing skills including a wide range of Lean Manufacturing workshops that cover Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, Setup Reduction, Pull Manufcturing and other related topics.Other courses include everything from basic computer skills to AutoCAD/MasterCAM and CNC machining , Agile project management,3D printing

Sales and Marketing

NEWT offers a wide variety of sales and marketing training programs that are applicable to almost any business or industry. Our programs are specially tailored to your company's sales and marketing people, from new hires with no experience, to seasoned professionals with many years of experience.

Health Care

While health care has seen strides in technology and pharmaceutical development, there has been little change in the processes of health care provision in the last 30 years.

NEWT offers a wide variety of Health Care industry training programs that focus on reducing redundancies in the processes of care, numerous patient hand-offs between health care providers and a “silo mentality’ in care provision. Although many health care processes resemble “assembly-line like processes” health care systems have not widely utilized the knowledge of other industries in improving efficiencies, quality, customer satisfaction and workforce development.

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