Free Seats available at Massachusetts sponsored Manufacturing Skill Training sessions starting this Spring 

Get started this Spring to improve your manufacturing skills by attending our Shop Math,Blueprint Reading, GD&T, and Measurement  workshops

We are conducting a series of intense workshops beginning May 9 th .

These  hands-on workshops use blueprints and measuring instruments that duplicate what the students will see at their own company

If you are interested please select a course from the list below and call 508-887-2749 to confirm or get more information or, send us an email using the "Qualify"  button below


Each session will be limited to 15 students


Session Times 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Shop Math                 May  9,16

Blueprint Reading    June 6,13,20

Measurement           September 12,19,26

GD&T                       October 10,17



For  details on how to qualify   contact  us by double clicking  the button below


$600 per person each day  ( free or 50% off  when qualified for Mass reimbursement )