Funding Solutions

Many companies choose to fund their training with their own funds. But a grant can be a great solution as well. We specialize in Workforce Training Grants. Contact us for more information.

NEWT Can Assist Your Company as it Prepares and Applies for a Workforce Training Grant by:

Providing basic information on Workforce Training Fund programs and the various types of grant processes

Conducting a training needs assessment

Designing and delivering training programs that address specific organizational needs — and budgets

Acting as liaison between employers, other value-added resources, and government agencies

Providing direct assistance and support throughout the grant application process in a completely flexible manner

What We Do

Step 1

NEWT instructors will meet with you to determine the areas where you would need training and what subjects you would like covered.

Step 2

NEWT will then determine what additional materials will be required in order to develop the training materials. NEWT will request additional materials such as blue prints, operating manuals, or workmanship manuals.

Step 3

NEWT will take these materials and develop the training materials.

Step 4

NEWT will develop the training materials and present the materials for your review.

Step 5

NEWT will complete the training materials and present the training to your employees.

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