Shop Math provides the student with realistic mathematical problems that manufacturers commonly encounter. By solving the problems both technical and mathematical skills are strengthened, providing a solid foundation for work in manufacturing

This program features a step-by-step approach to the mastery of essential skills in mathematics including decimals, fractions, ratios, and proportions. You will solve problems dealing with measurements and fabrication, problems related to the use of Micrometers, Calipers, Steel Rules, Sine Bars and Vernier scales are included with exercises related to gears, sheet metal machining, screw threads, lathe and cutting, and turning operations




►You will Learn About

  • Fractions, decimals

  • ratios

  • calipers

  • steel rules

  • micrometers

  • turning operations

  • sheet metal

  • screw threads, gears


  • ►Who should attend

  • Machine operators, quality control inspectors, shop supervisors, metalworking manufacturing personnel, engineering managers, and other manufacturing persons interested in learning to read manufacturing prints or updating their knowledge in this area.